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Borderlands Best Weapons for Mordecai the Hunter vs Crawmerax

One Man Army: Get 2,500 kills with the combat rifle (20,000 XP).You should be able to kill The Destroyer in less than two minutes using this method.Made in New Haven (20 points): Complete all missions in the Rust Commons.Borderlands 2 Save Editor Legitimate Weapon Code List 1.2 This is a list of weapon codes here in the paste code format.

Borderlands 2 complete walkthrough GameZone presents the one stop shop for all of the loot in Borderlands 2. Our. you deal bonus damage.Thus, before you turn in a repair kit to rescue a Claptrap, exit the game to save.Thus, anything the host picked up during that run will not be saved.If you use a sniper rifle, it will usually kill them instantly.

Collect all the weapons in the chests, then exit out of the game, and host a new game at the same spot.

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There are some who call me.Tim (25 points): Equip a class mod for your character.

Borderlands 2 is more than just a heap of guns and. deal the most damage This build focuses on the damage capabilities of.Borderlands is a first-person shooter RPG from Gearbox Software that puts players into the shoes of one of four playable characters as they traverse the hostile.It is almost right in the middle of the southern potion of the map.Speedy McSpeederton (10 points): Race around the Ludicrous Speedway in under 31 seconds.Online - fast, easy, and avoid the line Store - biggest savings, products in my hands I go wherever the best deal is View Poll History.

The Loot Vault: Pistol

This is a great way to play with the other three characters and start at a high level.The Claptrap is in the middle of a bandit encampment right next to where a bunch of lava crab worms are.

1,000,000 damage with a sniper - ridiculous! | Borderlands

Brain Surgeon: Kill 2,500 enemies with critical hits (20,000 XP).Location: Purchased from the Seraph Shop using Borderlands 2: Seraph Crystals.

Borderlands 2: Challenge Guide (Challenge Accepted)

All Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Modded Gear Workshop. (explosive, from Borderlands 2). (it shows 108% more damage, but it only has 24% damage bonus,.

Weapons Aesthetics Appreciation: Borderlands 2 Guns

Before you go and apply the Borderlands 2 unofficial community patch i would like to point. give Axton 10% Explosive damage. you any damage bonus at.Note: You get more money and better loot when there are more than one player.Crosses Border for fireworks: Get 1,000 kills with Explosive attacks (5,000 XP).Finger of God: Get 2,500 kills with Sniper Rifles (20,000 XP).Go to the far northwest corner (on the map) in Rust Commons West.

Critical hits are easiest at close range with a shotgun or scattergun.Manual-action sniper rifles have a higher critical hit damage bonus,.

The tree focuses on explosive damage with a capstone skill that activates Pirate Ship.Damage - 13847x2 (27694) Accuracy - 84.0 Fire Rate - 1.6 Reload Speed - 2.8.

Bloody Harvest event Oct 31st-Nov 2nd

Once inside, continue to General Knoxx, but instead of being sealed in the room with him, the door behind him should now be open.RPG21 Colossal Redemption: Rocket launcher, large rocket with big bang.Then, crouch and stay against the rock wall as you move down the rocks.Siren Phasewalker who can fight invisibly with. and Explosive Damage by 6%.

Sneaky Little Buggers (25 points): Kill each of the loot midgets.Once you enter that area (from the right side), take your first right, and you should see the Claptrap.Transfer the items you want to store to the secondary character until you need them, then transfer them back.While the skills in Borderlands unquestionably do affect how you fight and deal damage,.

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Character Ability Guide - Guide for Borderlands. Cheats. you gain a damage bonus for.Note: If you want to be able to do this multiple times, you must do the following.So make sure when looting the armory that only the other players pick up items, which they can then give to the host later. -From: Psychotic Elf.