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NEW Express Smile Atlanta Professional At Home Teeth Whitening Kit (1).Dr. Brown offers Zoom Teeth Whitening as well as take home tooth whitening trays.Now it has been a couple of months since completed the process and my teeth are starting to go back to the shade they were before the process.After enduring the pains, what I am disappointed me the most was the lack of the results.

All bleaching systems work on the simple principle that teeth are whitened in direct proportion to the strength of the whitening agent and the length of time the agent remains in contact with the teeth.My teeth are not perfect but what an improvement - I now love to smile from ear to ear.If I had had this experience on the first day, I doubt I would have continued the process.I have sensitive teeth to begin with however, other than a few zingers while the trays were in, there was no noticeable discomfort.

Two weeks later he called me back to tell me that KOR acknowledged that there had been prior cases like mine.No recommendations yet, but if you have ever had senitivity to any whitening products, beware the KOR office whitening will be painful.Make your teeth between 2 to 9 shades whiter in just 20 minutes.After trying the product, by following all sorts of restrictions and rituals every day, I have to this is one of the worst whitening products I ever tried.

The results were good and I went with the recommended dentist treatment to even out the parts near the gum line and looked really good.I think an even shaded tooth one shade darker is better than a 3 toned tone tooth.

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Some over-the-counter solutions can be just as effective at whitening your teeth.Now, a week later, I am disappointed because it seems there is a big time regression on the shades.My biggest regret is spending the money I did on this system.I have very healthy teeth, never sensitive to anything, good enamel but with tetracycline stain.

Four Seasons Dental Spa is located in southwest Las Vegas and has three whitening options, Zoom,.Kor Whitening is not only very painful, the result also does not last.The desensitizer did not do much good.the gel for the trays was from the fridge so it started out cold.Find great deals on eBay for zoom and. zoom h2 zoom dental zoom h4 tascam zoom pedal zoom whitening zoom g2. Nike Zoom Michael Vick II ATLANTA FALCONS Sneakers.During the sessions the only discomfort that I experienced was with the mouth-guard and the fumes of the product they put on the teeth.Now when I smile I have upper teeth that are half yellow on top and half white on bottom and additionally look to be outlined around the tooth with even whiter crayon.

At the office, I wanted to jump out of the chair after the first 20 min of so called whitening. 4. I left the office in tears, my dentist told me to take ibuprofen and that their office never had anyone with such sensitivity 5.I am now on 2 medicines to calm the nerve pain, which have helped some, but I have lots of nasty side effects.In the meantime I checked Web MD, Mayo clinic, etc to see if there was any mention of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in either the bleaching product or the desensitizing liquid.In the last few days alone I have had a full range of symptoms from my patients during treatment, one patient experience was terribly uncomfortable, one had no sensitivity, and another fell asleep during treatment.Refrigeration also makes a difference to patients with sensitivity issues.

Find and share teeth whitening coupon codes and promo codes for great discounts at thousands of online stores.I noticed progressive whitening over the course as my teeth had become quite grayish yellow due to aging and staining.

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Top Spots For Teeth Whitening In Connecticut. Zoom is a whitening gel applied to your teeth where the gel penetrates the tooth.A smile is one of the most dazzling investments you can make.I was concerned with the price, but my dentist said it was permanent.

Not as bad as traditional bleaching but still just an uncomfortable pain all day.I used kor whitening gel for 3 weeks and did in office whitening too.The at-home sessions caused some irritation and sensitivity to gums and teeth but I tolerated that quite well and could sleep comfortably while wearing trays.My dentist said my teeth were an A3 before the KOR treatment, and two weeks after stopping the treatment, she has me at a B1.

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My teeth were extra sensitive to cold and air so I mostly drank warm drinks with a straw.I just finished the whitening process and I have very sensitive teeth.And honestly I am very disappointed about the result because my teeth look still yellow a bit.However, when I finished with the second in office procedure I was very pleased with the results, I got very white.Providing unbiased teeth whitening reviews and information on KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System.At first I had a bunch of zingers in the two hours but none now, just a lot of tooth pain.I waited 2 weeks,then proceeded with additional in- home use of the product, as directed by my dentist.Tooth sensitivitity, tissue dehydration, and a chalky appearance is to be expected for a few days following treatment.