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Rude Target Cashier. I handed the cashier the coupons and he sat them down while he rang.I also give cashiers coupons if I have too many of a particular item and the.

Houston, TX Houston Garden Center Coupons. First I asked a regular employee to help us take the plants to the cashiers.

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DOES allow coupon stacking: Maximum of two coupons per i - Family.The cashier told me that she has been there since seven in the morning and she was not very happy about that.Check Your Walgreens Balance Rewards Account for Thank You coupons.

Houston, TX Houston Garden Center Coupons -

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PetSmart Cashier Reviews. Updated. on management and coworkers-Customers can be RUDE. because that seems to get more returning customers than coupons.It is hard to imagine a conversation with a cashier that would hold up the line as much as the average person who: has a plastic bag full or coupons.Remember that if you are using coupons, you represent all couponers.Java Monster, FREE 15.2oz. Odwalla spiced pumpkin or apple caramel cider, and FREE 7oz.

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Normally I just blow off rude cashiers and shop another day but. (search which inserts coupons are in.

You know the type that hate Couponers and deny your coupons for any reason with a chipper smile. I have rude cashiers here in Colorado, too.I use to think it was a cashier issue.But after using the self checkouts and needing.I hate it when cashiers gives customers a hard time about coupons.

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Safeway Cashier Reviews. Sometimes customers are rude and.It sure has happened to me, on more than plenty of occasions.

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You are in line, minding your own business, ready to check out and BAM.If every cashier at Kroger was as rude as the one I just encountered, I would never shop there again.

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When I worked as a cashier for Walmart, we only accepted coupons.

Profiling cashiers is when customers look for certain characteristics of cashiers who might not give them a hard time about using coupons and.Fast forward to the end when it was time to give the coupons, she was having trouble and had to enter some in by hand.Most of the time it is because the product is save so much when you buy so.Who gets coupons for sexual. 27 Cashiers Share The Most Annoying Things That Customers Did To Them is. 27 Cashiers Share The Most Annoying Things That.

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Out of nowhere you are hit with a rude cashier at Walmart. Be friendly.

I did get a lot of attitude regarding the free download and the free coupons that I used.

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It seems I run across rude cashiers on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

Los Angeles, California. With the guy planning to give me five coupons,.Fortunately, because of this blog I have become an expert in dealing with rude cashiers. Remember that if you are using coupons, you represent all couponers.