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Nether Slice: At Master Level: HP Cost: 1000, Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 12, Enemy DEF: -30%, Debuff Duration: 30 sec.Random Beauty Coupons are dropped from monsters all over Maple World.

Some items can only be purchased a limited number of times per character.

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Coupons can change hair, face, and skin randomly for better or worse.The sinew of the war though is Legendary Lotto (Kaleido Spinner).You can find the Xenon patch notes on the MapleStory website.Monsters inside the Haunted House remain the same levels as before.MapleStory and any related images and content are copyrighted.The OS4 buffs will be removed if you leave the map while Pink Zakum is still alive.Tagged as buy cheap maplestory accounts, Buy MapleStory Accounts, buy maplestory accounts for sale, maplemushroom, maplemushroom.com, MapleStory Accounts, MapleStory Accounts For Sale, maplestory demon avenger, maplestory gm events, maplestory high level maplestory accounts, maplestory hot times, maplestory level 200, maplestory level 200 buccaneer, maplestory summer events.

Only the guild master or a junior master can be the party leader.

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Tagged as Buy MapleStory Accounts, buy maplestory accounts for sale, maplemushroom, maplemushroom webstore, maplemushroom.com, maplestory account, MapleStory Accounts, MapleStory Accounts For Sale, Maplestory hot time, maplestory hot weekend, maplestory level 200, maplestory nexon website, maplestory summer content, maplestory unleashed, maplestory xenon patch.There are three different phases, in which players will receive a ring and be able to upgrade it.

Hyper Teleport Rock Coupon: The coupon has a 3 day limit while the Hyper Teleport Rock lasts for 7.Kaleido-Spinner Box or Daily Buff Coupon from the Pink Zakum event.When you buy MapleStory accounts, you will want to arm yourself with the latest set of high level gears.

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The damage cap has been increased from 999,999 to 50,000,000.Buttons for the new Appraisal function, Bits menu, and Strengthen menu have been added to the item inventory.

Players who have not logged in since February 28 will receive a Welcome Back Gift box when returning to the game.

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This is an especially propitious event for those who want to buy MapleStory accounts.Double click a Bit and it will be placed on the correct spot in the Bit-Case.Tagged as Buy MapleStory Accounts, Cheap MapleStory Accounts, maplestory 2x exp drop, MapleStory Accounts, MapleStory Accounts For Sale, maplestory hot day, maplestory level 200 accounts, maplestory patch notes, maplestory unleashed, maplestory unleashed patch, maplestory world transfer.Cassandra just gave me a kaleido spinner coupon for leveling up.and I dont know where that is.please help:).Collect new Bit pieces and place them in the new Bit-Case for additional stats.

Fight the Pink Zakum with up to 40 players and claim exclusive event prizes and powerful buffs.Items can now be identified by clicking on the magnifying glass button in your item inventory, then clicking on the equipment.

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The EXP has been increased for some monsters in this area to balance them with monsters of similar stats and levels.

Vendors Gale and Spark have made appearances in most towns to exchange their wares for Unleashed Coins.After a brief moment in the waiting room, players will be divided up into different battle instances.Exceed: Demon Strike: At Master Level: HP Cost: 1%, Damage: 125%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 10.The Avoidability cap has been lowered from 100% to 90% to promote better game balance.

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Depending on what color the Kaleido-Spinner lands on you will be rewarded a corresponding Kaleido-Spinner Box.In addition, on March 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd, MapleStory will be hosting a Hot Day event.As for events, the Evolving and Absolute rings are now in progress.When you drag a piece of equipment into the equipment box in this menu, scrolls that can be used on the item will be highlighted.